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Sandwich Shop, Burger Joint and Gas Station represent Subscribers (where ads are Played).
Drugstore, Dentist and Bank Represent Advertisers who advertise at these locations.

Fine Tune Your Marketing for 2014

MyRadio is an innovative media outlet created to provide an effective yet affordable advertising outlet for retailers, grand openings, service companies, event promoters, multicultural marketing and so much more. We provide a national network of in store radio stations, allowing advertisers unprecedented power to reach a mass audience or geo-target their desired demographic for a fraction of the cost of other comparable advertising solutions. This new media network is eliminating much of the waste from traditional radio advertising and providing an audio component to support other forms of local marketing.

The Network

MyRadio places music systems in specific retail locations to acquire our audience.

  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Coffee & Sandwich Shops
  • Hair Salons
  • Gas Stations
  • Convenient Stores
  • Package Delivery Locations
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Our Audience

Our Advertising and In store Radio Network utilize the local market demographics by placing ads on the radio networks of neighboring businesses. Besides offering an affordable way for small business retailers to increase their foot traffic, MyRadio’s solution targets the most viable market by playing our advertisers message to an audience already in the transaction process, nearby the advertiser’s location. We believe everyone can use a little help promoting their business. By providing a ready-to-use talent team skilled in the field of radio promotion, our clients are able to get the most value out of their advertising dollars.
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What It Costs

Below are a few examples of the different ways our advertising is purchased and the discount packages which offer a significant reduction in cost over our standard CPM pricing.

Block Advertising: Small business retailer who wants to obtain more foot traffic in the general vicinity of his business.
Local Advertising: Specialty law office wants to obtain new clients within a 30 mile radius of their location.
Regional Advertising: Well known automotive repair company wants to advertise special promotions that vary by state.
National Advertising: Corporations that want to enhance their brand and roll out a new offer nationwide.

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Why It Works

The market research related to in store audio advertising and the consumer’s retention and response to the advertising is a clear indications of MyRadio’s effectiveness as an advertising medium.

80% of respondents heard the radio ad, and 50% of respondents noticed the ad on the digital screen. Only 1% of respondents were not aware of any advertisements. Recall – DOOH exhibited an exceptional recall of 68% of respondents, with 22% of those respondents recalling the advertisement unaided.

-ADCentricity and Peoplecount Measure Digital Signage and In store Radio Advertising

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