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Neal Duncan

Founder, President, and CEO

As President of MyRadio.com, Duncan will be responsible for overseeing all marketing, customer service and sales operations. Duncan is currently President of AbleTel, Inc., a business development firm located in Scottsdale, AZ. Duncan has more than 20-years of business experience in the field of sales, marketing and customer management. Duncan, a successful serial entrepreneur, also sits on the Board of Directors for MMC Distributors and Adicia.com. Prior to founding MyRadio, Duncan was one of the founders and Vice President of Client Services for LifeLock, an identity theft prevention service. Duncan also spent five years with AT&T (formally Ameritech) where he was responsible for business sales and marketing activities. Duncan is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Darren Love

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Love is the founder and CEO of DH Deals. Prior to 2005, he was in the corporate IT world where he specialized in network growth strategies and implementation for small to medium sized companies growing through market share domination and company acquisitions. In 2005, he left the IT arena and spent most his time investing in his own projects throughout the US and Asia. Through contacts he had gained in his travels and his personal investing, he found that certain Investment Banks, Venture Capital Firms, Private Money and Angel investors, to name a few, were interested in seeing his projects. In 2008, “DH Nhip cau thuong mai” was created as an Asian sister company to DH Deals, in which Love is managing partner and uses when working within some of his Asian projects.

Love currently lives in both Arizona and Asia, splitting his time between the two. Since 2008, DH Deals and “DH Nhip cau thuong mai” have contracted/secured 2.8 Billion USD of projects as well as generated approximately 0,000 USD in assets. In addition, Love personally holds managing ownership in a National Recreational Sports company and has personal investments such as domestic and international real estate, ownership shares in an International School Program, ownership shares of an agricultural distribution company and sits on the board of a US Sports Related Charity.