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MyRadio, Inc. is an Internet media company offering an In Store Radio Network playing foreground music while providing the most targeted and affordable advertising opportunities for surrounding businesses.

We do not charge the business owner fees for the installation and usage of our equipment and services, but instead pay qualified businesses for the privilege of providing select music while selling ads to neighboring businesses. This idea is so powerful and unique, that we decided to trademark it. It’s called Block Level MarketingTM , and it represents the core of our business model, which is to help shopping areas such as Strip Malls and Downtown regions to become more “vibrant shopping areas”. We accomplish this in two ways. First, by capitalizing on the people already shopping and eating in the vicinity by providing geo-targeted advertisements letting them know of shopping opportunities just around the corner. And second, by generating more foot traffic for those participating businesses.

It is our intent that MyRadio and our “community based radio network” will soon be one of the fastest growing companies in America.