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What It Costs

MyRadio Delivers Advertising at the Right Place and the Right Time

There is no doubt that Block Advertisers benefit from the timing of their message and the location of their audience. By advertising in retail stores within a 2 mile radius their message is delivered to consumers already shopping and already nearby their location. These local retailers are able to reach a local market at precisely the right place and time for increased effectiveness of their advertising. When used in conjunction with ads that offer daily discounts, or alluring promotions, these advertisers stand the best chance of increasing the foot traffic to their business.

Click on the links below to see examples of how different types of advertisers use MyRadio in their campaigns. For event marketing, MyRadio stands to be the most effective way to raise attendance, sell tickets, or announce a local event. Target by zipcode or drill down into neighborhoods using demographic data sets. Need to reach a specialized market with your advertising message? – Market your next event with MyRadio and discover how to take your campaign to whole new level!